CP 1320 class

CP 1330 CP 1330 awaits new duties at Vendas Novas, April 25th, 1996.

Rolf Stumpf photo

The 1320s were bought secondhand from the Spanish RENFE (ex 313 class) for freight service on the southern CP network around 1989. CP acquired 18 units and all were based in Barreiro. Ten DL535S were built at the ALCo plant in Schenectady, NY, further 40 units were built at Euskalduna in Bilbao, Spain. None of the ten "real" ALCos went to Portugal. There were no builder's plates on the units, only plates of the ATEINSA works of Madrid where they were overhauled before entering the CP roster.

All (but one) 1320 classunits were stored in Dec 97! The 1320s lost much of their work due to the electrification. Most (10, among: 1321, 25, 27, 37, 26, 33 and 29) of the remaining units were meanwhile dragged to Poceirão, as was reported by Ian Wilson in Sep 98. Only 1331 remained at Barreiro and might be preserved (operational?). 1321 suffered a frontal collision and above seen 1330 was already cannibalized by Dec 97. 1322 was seen active with ballast trains on the Porto - Regua line in early November 98.

Diogo Castro (Mar 18, 99): As mentioned, 1322 is still working the Douro Line, but 1325 and 1331 are the other two that fortunately are in the same situation. In relation to 1325, "she" was seen working by a friend of mine in Barreiro, in the past Sunday, what was for me a very good suprise because I didn't know. The situation of 1331 is quite different, for many months now she has been doing shunting in the Poceirão (linha do Alentejo) station, with very special trains: the new Fiat Pendolino electric trains, and the new suburban trains for the cross Tagus service, so as you can see she is working with the recent material that CP and the private operator for the cross Tagus link bought.

Joaquin Lopez del Ramo (Apr 19, 99): RENFE is going to buy CP 1321 locomotives which it sold to Portugal a few years ago. The reason for doing this is to repair them and sell them to the other companies. Very soon, some RENFE technicians wil be going to Portugal to inspect them. CP 1329 and 1327 went back to Spain in June 1999.

One unit was sold to the contractor Somafel.

CP 1324 CP 1324 was outshopped only recently and pulls the English Electric 1412 in front of the Barreiro works, April 1996.

Rolf Stumpf photo

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