A-9101 class (meter gauge)

A-9110 at the narrow gauge station of Piraeus with passenger train no. 303 from Kalamata (one hour late), June 19th, 1995. It's the first retired unit of the class!

Rolf Stumpf photo

ALCo delivered twelve quite powerful locomotives in 1965 developping each 1350 HP for the extensive meter gauge system on the Peloponnes peninsula. They are hauling freight and passenger trains, although a lot of narrow gauge passenger trains are handled by railcars, there's still need (if not for rescuing disabled Ganz DMUs) for these Greek ALCos and so eleven of the twleve units still are rostered and active these months!
But the sky is darkening: OSE has ordered new narrow gauge diesels from ADtranz, Germany, delivery in 2001. Upon arrival and successful performance pending only six ALCo shall remain. Due to tunnel profile restrictions the new units can't work south of Pirghos, at least for the next years to come. The ALCos are kept mainly for freight traffic then. The new units will not be tested on rails prior to their arrival in Greece so delays are possible and expected, see A-471 class...

A-9110 is the first retired unit, it was stripped for parts and is now stored minus trucks at Agh. Anagiri, see page 2 of the Gallery. The remaining 11 units are still operational and can be found working from Pireas and Patras, one unit each is kept as a reserve at Korinthos and Kiparissia.

Phil Wormald reported in Aug 00 that the ALCos are safe at least until 2006 when the standard gauge line to Patras is to be completed.

Dimitrios Koloniotis reports on the derailment in September 98:

Train number 303 powered by two ALCo's A-9112 and A-9107 derailed on Septemper 17, 1998 at a dangerous curve of Peloponese railway network (near Kakia Skala station). The first locomotive (A-9112) fell down the slope. The second locomotive (A-9107) derailed and turned over. Septemper 17 was the last day for A-9112 and will see about A-9107. Nobody wounding.

A-9107 lying on the left rear mirror... Kakia Skala, September 21th, 1998.

Artemis Klonos photo
And here's the derailment site in an overview shot. Kakia Skala, September 21th, 1998.

Artemis Klonos photo

Builder's typecode: DL537
Introduced: 1965
Builder: ALCo, USA
Construction nos.: S3378-01 - 12
Number built: 12
Weight, tare: 74,7 t
Weight, total: 80,3 t
Fuel: 2271 l
Wheel arrangement: Co'Co'
Wheel diameter: 914 mm
Length over buffers: 16205 mm
Wheelbase, total: 12243 mm
Bogie wheelbase: 3505 mm
Height overall: 3878 mm
Maximum speed: 96 km/h
Diesel engine/zylinders: ALCo 251D/6
Turbocharger: ALCo 350A
Rating: 1350 HP at 1100 rpm
Transmission: electric
Brake system: Westinghouse 27 LB-AV-1

Lucky shot: A-9105 crosses Korinthos Canal
with train 302 to Kalamata, June 25th, 1997

Rolf Stumpf photo


Remembering the oiltrains... A-9108 and 9107 with a freight special around Elefsis, May 2003.
Christoph Grimm photo

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