ALCos in Wales (Great Britain)

The Steel Company of Wales / Margam Steelworks at Port Talbot employed five ALCo S1 which were bought new. The switchers were retired many years ago.

BSC 803 805 (?) is currently (Nov, 8th, 2004) located at a business park and restaurant in Oswestry, Shropshire, England (about 60 miles from Birmingham) and used to advertise "Loco Bar & Restaurant.

Neil Bennett (mobile phone) photo
The picture of 801 was taken on the 22nd June 1982 at Margam Yard - a British Rail yard that the locos tripped traffic to from the steel works.

Colin Baker photo
BSC 801
b/n works order road no. delivery (completion)
77120 S3110 801 21-Dec-49
77776 S3119 802 01-Feb-50
77777 S3119 803 06-Mar-50
77778 S3119 804 06-Mar-50
77779 S3119 805 07-Mar-50

data provided by John W. Nelsen

At least three units exist until today: 801 is up for sale, one is stuffed and mounted at Steamworld, Peterborough (no. ?) where also the trucks of another S1 are to be found (no sign of the body though). Another unit (no. ?) is in the care of an industrial loco group in Shropshire.
The 803 was brought in July 1996 from Wales to Thame, Oxfordshire, where a preservation group awaited it. Meanwhile (as of June 2003) the 803 is at Wallingford, Oxfordshire on the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway. One unit was definetely scrapped.

801 was waiting for a buyer in early 2000. Lets hope there will be a future for this unit as there was at least one bid from preservationists.

Mark Bowman photo

Richard Matthews kindly submitted two pics of the Steamworld S1:

The UP coat is fictional as the switchers came direct from Schenectady!

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