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The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad is widely known among enthusiasts as one of the last big ALCo haulers in the US.

Springfield sightings by Fred Giarette, March 27, 2003:
A&M 70 (that ex-CP Alco C-630), Seen this unit in Springfield, MO in A&M colors, but lettered for Western New York & Pennsylvania #630. This was on the 27th of March 2003. I have since read on the St Louis Rail Fans ( site that it is now sitting in the TRRA yard awaiting movement. Also saw Springfield Railway Service Co (SRSC) S-2 #209 getting scrapped out this summer at a salvage yard in Springfield.

Breaking news on July 1st 02: A&M bought HBRY C424s 600-1,4 (ex Belt Railway of Chicago) for parts. The three units are at Springdale. Mike Sypult has photos.

A&M 60 A&M 60 (C-420, 1964), Fort Smith, AR, May 11th, 1989.

David R. Busse photo

Ken Douglas reports from his May 02 trip:
The RS-32 (A&M 30) operates better in MU with a T-6 than with the C-420s. It was observed working a Springdale switching job in MU with the 12. Both the mainline turns from Springdale were worked with six C-420s. It was mostly the same set to Monett at night and to Van Buren during the day. The day job is called the Ft. Smith turn but operates only to Van Buren. In Ft. Smith and Van Buren, there were three switching jobs. The first had a pair of T-6s (nose to nose). The second had a single T-6. The third had a pair of C-420s.

New on the property is ex BC Rail 631, new A&M 31, which joins some of her former Lehigh & Hudson river mates in Arkansas. Also at the shop in Springdale was the former IBCX 332, another C-420. It had been sand blasted to remove the exterior paint.

Thanks to John Schumann I can present an A&M roster (March 1998, updated since):

Number Model Date b/n Previous Owners Notes
12 T6 Oct-59 83388 M&D 12/NW 46 i/s
14 T6 Oct-59 83385 M&D 14/NW 43 i/s
15 T6 Mar-58 82862 Avtex 415/M&D 15/NC 100/CR/PC 9849/PRR 8424 i/s, leased to industry
16 T6 Jan 59 83376 M&D 16/NW 34 i/s
17 T6 Mar-58 82857 DCL 17/ES 17/M&D 17/CR/PC 9844/PRR 9844 lease unit, Fort Chaffee Development Authority
18 T6 Mar-59 82320 M&D 18/NW 19 i/s
20 RS1 Oct-51 79349 PUCSC 4/SOU 4/TN 4/RUT 400 i/s
22 RS1 Apr 43 70811 M&D 22/PUCSC 1/SOU 1/TN 1/ASAB 905 i/s
30 RS32 Jun 61 83992 A&M 42/M&D 42/CR 2031/PC 2031/NYC 2031 i/s
31 C420 Jan 66 3431-03 BCR 631, L&HR 25 under overhaul (May 02)
44 C420 May-65 3418-03 L&N 1353/SCL 1214/SAL 112 i/s
46 C420 May-65 3418-04 L&N 1354/SCL 1215/SAL 113 i/s
48 C420 Aug 65 3417-17 L&N 1366/SCL 1227/SAL 125 i/s
50 C420 Jun 63 84721 ET 106/L&HR 22 i/s
52 C420 Dec-65 3431-01 M&D 52/CR 2073/L&HR 23 i/s
54 C420 Dec-65 3431-02 M&D 54/CR 2074/L&HR 24 i/s
58 C420 Jul 66 3463-03 D&H 420/D&H 401/CR 2066/L&HR 29 i/s
60 C420 Oct-64 3385-10 D&H 413/LV 413 i/s
62 C420 Oct-64 3385-03 D&H 416/D&H 406/LV 406 i/s
64 C420 Oct-64 3385-04 D&H 417/D&H 407/LV 407 i/s
66 C420 Oct-64 3385-09 D&H 412/LV 412 i/s
68 C420 Oct-64 3385-08 IHRC 311/A&M 411/D&H 411/LV 411 i/s
70 C630M Jul 68 M6002-01 CP 4500 i/s
2310 M636 Aug 67 M6037-11 CN 2310 scrapped for parts
2319 M636 Aug 67 M6037-20 CN 2319 scrapped for parts
2320 M636 1970 M6052-01 CN 2320 scrapped for parts
2325 M636 1971 M6052-06 CN 2325 scrapped for parts
2327 M636 1971 M6052-08 CN 2327 scrapped for parts
2332 M636 1971 M6052-13 CN 2332 scrapped for parts
IBCX 332 C420       under overhaul (May 02)
Previous Owners  
ASAB Atlanta & St Andrews Bay
Avtex Avtex Fiber
BN Burlington Northern
CR Conrail
CN Canadian National
CP Canadian Pacific
D&H Delaware & Hudson
DCL Delaware Coast Line
ETR Essex Terminal
ES Eastern Shore
L&HR Leigh & Hudson River
LV Leigh Valley
M&D Maryland & Delaware
MON Monon
NC North Country
NW Norfolk Western
NYC New York Central
PC Penn Central
PUCSC Public Utilities
RUT Rutland
SAL Seaboard Air Line
SCL Seaboard Coast Line
SOU Southern
TN Tennessee Railway
A&M 12 A&M switcher 12 (ALCo T6, 1959) poses at Fort Smith, AR, May 11th, 1989.

David R. Busse photo
A&M 44 (C-420) leads two other mates over the steel trestle near Winslow on rainy Oct. 24th, 1987.

Alan Miller photo/Rolf Stumpf Collection
A&M 44 Winslow
A&M 22 (RS-1, 4/43, bn 70811), Springdale, AR, June 9th, 1996.

Jürgen Radtke photo

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