Electroputere of Romania built a series of ALCo-powered standard gauge six-axles in 1986 (similar to the Greek series A-551). They became Iranian State Railways 60.35 class and are designed for the tropic climate.

Technical data:

engine ALCo 12-251
rating 2640 HP
axle configuration Co-Co
wheel diameter 1100 mm
overall length 19270 mm
width 2940 mm
max. height 4300 mm
weight 120 t
max. axle load 20 t
continuous tractive effort 238 kN
max. speed 100 kph
Iranian State Railways 60-350

Electroputere factory shot

Iraqi State Railways rosters both types of the classic ugly ALCo/MLW end cabs. First came the DL500S (same as the RENFE class 2100), then came the 61 MLW MXS620's. All units are standard gauged.
DEM 2101 - 2105, ALCo DL500S, 1965
DEM 2301 - 2361, MLW MXS620, 1975-77, bns: M6083.01 - .30 and M6093.01 - .31

Iraq Railways DEM 2301 series

MLW factory shot

Then there are 72 Francorail C-C units delivered around 1985, principally same model as the the Saudi class 3600 of 1981 (see below) but in two different versions, "A" for passenger trains weighing 126 t and "B" for freight trains weighing 135 t. The locomotives carried numbers in Arabic, the one in pictures 4107 (from left to right) and text DEM in European style. The number conflicts with the class DEM2500, but of course the numbers do not need to be 2501-2572 given in some sources, and the class may reflect power in kW. Locomotives were assembled at Atelier (Works) de Gaillon of Francorail.

North Corea:
Franco-Rail built seven ALCo-powered locomotives similar to the Saudi-Arabian units (see below) for North Korea in early 1983.

Saudi Arabia:
Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) doesn't employ straight ALCos (anymore). Franco-Rail built six heavy C-C units with 3600hp 16-251F prime movers in 1982 (SRO # 3600 - 3605). As a relict of the six Arabian-American Oil Co. (Aramco) ALCo RS-1's - which became SRO nos. 1000 through 1005 - remains #1000 for the SRO museum.The RS-1's were built between 1947 and 1951.

This chapter will be extended as I get more material. Info on the current ALCo power situation is most welcome. Thanks to Eljas Pölhö fro some corrections and additions.

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