Bombardiers in Cameroon

A MX620 for the Cameroon Railways inside the Bombardier works, Montreal, 1988. This was no delayed unit but a wreck rebuild.
Larry G. Russell photo

Bombardier built 20 MX620 units for the meter gauge system of Cameroon, the 2nd batch in 1982. They received road nos. CC2201 through 2220 resp. CC2221 through CC2230, similar to the french numbering system using the axle order as prefixes.

b/n's (provided by Barton Jennings):
MX620 2201-2220 6113-01/-20
MX620 2221-2230 6124-01/-10

According to sightings in 1990 the CR MX620's had two color schemes, the one being a dark green, the other livery looking like the one of the Greek MX's (orange & white). They operated fast running intercity trains between Doula and Yaounde then (Thanks to Joseph Simantov).

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