ALCos in Chile

RSD-30 D-18.002 in ex-works condition at Rancagua, November 4th, 1994.

Nick Slocombe photo

Marc Simpson tells: I found out that the narrow gauge northern railway (Ferronor) used to run 20 RSD-35 units on this railway. There were at least two units still active in 1994, but I am not sure as to the current status of these Alcos. There are also several broad gauge RSD-30 units active in the Santiago area, but I have yet to get a photo of these units.

Nick Slocombe reports on Feb 12th, 1999:
I visited Chile back in November 98. The narrow gauge Alcos appear to have all disappeared. Ferronor is now a GE/EMD road unfortunately.
Things are not too good on the broad gauge. The new freight company FEPASA - Ferrocarril del Pacifico SA- has some new looking EMDs although the RSD30s are still in evidence on trip workings around Santiago but their condition does not suggest they are long for this world. The shovel nose GE/Alcos are also still in evidence, just. Some may work for FEPASA but the only ones I saw were owned by EFE - the state owned passenger service.

FEPASA 1809 (ALCo RSD-30) with a work train at Umache, September 2nd, 1998.

Ben Gannett photo

FC del Sur D-18001

Larry G. Russell photo

D-16012 GE shovel nose D16.012 leaving Santiago's Alameda Station on train 1017, the Rapido de la Frontera, on 16th November 1998.

Nick Slocombe photo

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