ALCos in Columbia

The following ex-White Pass&Yukon (WP&Y) RSD35's/DL535's are the ones that went to Sociedad Columbia de transporte Ferroviaro in 1992 (Thanks to Sidney Sheldon):
101 (M6023-01) built 1969
103 (M6023-03) built 1969
104 (M6023-04) built 1969
106 (M6023-06) built 1969
107 (M6023-07) built 1969

Meanwhile the STF operation wasn't successful, the WP&Y bought the units back. The ALCo are back on White Pass property!

Looking at the photo below the units apparently were renumbered. Does anybody know if there's only a "1" added before the old WP&Y number? Seems just so...

Reproduction of a poster from rolling stock operator STF (which took the rights of operating trains after Ferrocarriles Nacionales was sold to private interests). It shows one of ex-White Pass & Yukons's DL535E. The poster was used in 1995 for advertisement of STF's actions.

Cid José Beraldo photo

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