Canadian Pacific's MLW power

CP 6573 (S-3, 1957) removes three business cars from the just arrived "Canadian". Vancouver CP station, 1969

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The last OS (by Greg McDonnell, 06/21/98)

OS KA: 923-20 engs 4210-1838-1837-4216-4230; 0-57; tons 3547; by 0017.

By special arrangement, train 923-20 was supplied with the last five operable CP Alcos (a trio of C424's and two RS18's) out of St. Luc this morning. Going out in style, the old girls are working the train through to Windsor and if all goes according to plan, they will be retired upon their return to St. Luc.

Tradition--and matters of the heart--demanded that Andrew and I walk down to the crossing to give them a last PK. Under a beautiful starry sky, we stood and listened as 923 lifted out of the siding at Killean (about 3 rail-miles away--less as the crow flies) after meeting 512, then dug in for the assault on Orrs Lake hill. Several minutes later, the headlights swung into view, and, in all their four-cycle glory the five Alcos came storming up the hill, sounding, like DPM once said, like a thousand yesterdays.

In the ten years we've lived here, the sound of Alcos on the hill has been a part of everyday life--often the last thing we hear at night, and the first thing we hear in the morning. After tonight, things just won't be the same.

Greg McDonnell, 7/9: CP's last operating Alcos, RS18 1837 and C424's 4210 and 4230 were tied up at St. Luc early today. For the record:
1837 TUUS St. Luc 980708 0343
4210 TUUS St. Luc 980708 0341
4230 TUUS St. Luc 980708 0341

Greg McDonnell, 6/29/98: They may never rattle the windows here again, but the last three CP MLW's refuse to die. Despite strict orders that all CP Alcos were to be tied up last week, CP RS18u 1837 and C424's 4210 and 4230 remain in service. Today's Montreal transfer (St. Luc-Hochelaga-St. Luc) has the three survivors in an all-Alco lashup: CP 4210-1837-4230. Oh to be in Montreal!

power move A massive power move from Toronto to St. Luc yard/Montreal at Toronto yard.

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Some pictorials:






MLW C-424

MLW C-630M and M-630

MLW M-636

CP 7003 Former CN unit was leased to Canadian Pacific. It's shown here sitting outside the diesel shop at Cote St Luc, Montréal on 7-8-1983.

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