CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos), São Paulo

cptm3101 Sharp looking 3101 in January 1999.

Sergio Martire photo

Four Alco BoBo (of the RS-3 type) regularly seen in Sao Paulo city since early 1998. There may be more locos - I have never seen more than 4 on any one weekend and sometimes numbers are obscured by stock. Three are numbered 6002 6003 and 6004 - the fourth I have not seen close up but as it ends in a *1* I guess it must be 6001. These are all marked CPTM.

The unit shown below was completely refurbished by MPE, a remanufacturer from Rio de Janeiro, retaining its original ALCO prime mover, contrary to the nine units working for Flumitrens in Rio, which were rebuilt by GEVISA, replacing the ALCO engine by the GE FDL7. Remanufacturer CCC of Cruzeiro (SP) is also rebuilding four units and it is hoped that CPTM will receive units from the two companies.

6003, One of CPTM's four recently refurbished ALCo RS-3 units.

Cid José Beraldo photo

Nick continues:
The EMU depots in 1996 and 1997 were shunted by RFFSA GE U20C or small GE/CB BoBo. In 12/96 this division of RFFSA was sold off to MRS Logistica. Maybe CPTM had the locos in store and overhaul somewhere waiting an end of contract with MRS. CPTM got a lot of new government money in 1997 as well. Certainly I had passed Luz and Roosevelt depots many many times and never never seen any RS at either place until this year. The four all seem to have been recently overhauled. Painted new all over yellow hoods and cabs, except for CPTM markings with deep red and blue bands on cabs, and black bogies and underframes. The numbers are carried in the US style number boxes. I have not been able to get so close to them to be able to read works plates : to try this where they are stabled would risk being arrested at gun point. CPTM is the operator of suburban trains in Sao Paulo city - Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos. Two locos - usually 6003 and 6004 - are at Roosevelt EMU depot, two at Luz EMU depot. I have never seen any yet at Osasco EMU depot. Roosevelt depot is in the *vee* of the junction east of the combined Roosevelt and Bras CPTM station. 6003 and 6004 usually stable in a headshunt right next to the end of the through passenger platforms and are easily photographable from the platforms [providing no security guards see you do it]. Luz depot is immediately west of Luz station on north side of running lines. Best view of west end is actually from the extreme ends of Julio Prestes station [Julio Prestes is a terminal station nearby to Luz through station]. Osasco depot is south of the running line between Presidente Altino and Osasco stations. Still LEW Hennigsdorf built FEPASA 3700 / 7700 shunt here.

cptm6004 CPTM 6004, January 1999.

Sergio Martire photo
cruzeiro Former EFCB/RFFSA 7101 (?) at Cruzeiro ready to be sent to MPE for rebuild! October 1997.

Sergio Martire photo

Thanks to Nick Lawford, Cid Beraldo and Sergio Martire.

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