ALCos and MLWs of the Danbury RR museum

Danbury hosts a large collection of railway equipment. In 1999 it could add two ex CN/VIA FPA units (FPA-4 6786, FPB-4 6867), which were rescued by Ed Bowers. They were previously owned by the Windsor & Hantsport RR.

VIA 6786 Looking very weathered and still carrying the WHRC reporting marks (Windsor & Hantsport Railroad), the A and B unit have just arrived at Danbury.

Ed Bowers photo

This is a close look to the B unit as it arrived at Danbury. The shiniest part is the new brake hose...

Ed Bowers photo
VIA 6867
"PC 1390" The ex-VIA/CN 6786 (FPA-4) on display at the Danbury RR Museum in Connecticut. It was painted in PC colors for the annual train show 1999. Behind is the museum's RS-1. Mike Miciukiewicz photo
RSC-2 no. 1513 at Danbury on October 5th, 2003.

Rolf Stumpf photo
DRMX 1513

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