ALCos of the Dubois County RR/Indiana Railway Museum

Sole power of the Dubois County RR is S-4 #101. Dubois IN, June 25th, 1999.

Rolf Stumpf photo

The Dubois County RR provides freight traffic between Huntingburg IN and Dubois, a total distance of 16.4 miles, using the S-4 #101. The connection between Dubois and French Lick is only open for transfers to the Indiana Railway Museum.
The DCRR is part of the Indiana Railway Museum at French Lick, which has two more ALCos in stock. RS-1 #4 works the excoursion train, whilst recently acquired 119 (an S-4 from Indiana Hi-Rail) is under repair in the shed. Besides other works it'll get an engine exchange.

French Lick, West Baden & Southern RS-1 #4 is as spotless as the 101. It works the excoursion trains together with a 80-ton, which is coupled to the other end of the train. French Lick, June 25th, 1999.

Rolf Stumpf photo

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