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azvi 1601 at Alasaua, 1997

Nick Chase photo
VIAS 1602, freshly painted and nicely lit. Madrid-Fuenlabrada, May 19th, 1995

Joaquin Lopez del Ramo photo
VIAS 1602
VIAS 1602 with a ballast train near Hoya-Gonzal (AB), September 13th, 1997.

Joaquin Lopez del Ramo photo
ex RENFE DL500 no. 316 010 (old no. 1610) dumped at Orense waiting for the next work train assignment for the Vias y Construcciones S.A., Orense. It shows us the rear end, the unit does look better on the front end however. Orense, September 17th, 1995.

Martin Deutgen photo.

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