ALCos in Ecuador

Sharp looking Ferrocarriles Ecuatorianos # 167 at Riobamba on July 31st, 1984. (Alt. 9018 ft / 2749 m). Quito to Duran line.

Larry G. Russell photo

The Ferrocarriles Ecuatorianos (Ferrocarriles Guayaquil & Quito) ordered at the end of the 1960s ten dieselelectrics of ALCo design in Spain (Astilleros Espanoles, Madrid). With these sixaxles, numbered in the 160's, the FE wanted to replace the aged steam fleet. However, steam still reigns today (if there's rail traffic at all...), and no diesels are serviceable due to lack of parts. Some units were cannibalized. The narrow gauged (1067 mm) DM535B's were never satisfying - being too heavy for the tracks west of Bucay only as an additional minus.

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