MLWs of Guatemala

The Ferrocarriles Guatemaltecos received ten MX620 in 1982 numbered 1000 through 1009. Their gauge is 3 ft (914 mm). Bns: M6120.01 - .10

Henry Posner III reports in June 98: Guatemala's railway, FEGUA,was closed in March of 1996. The main line was subsequently severed both east and west of Guatemala City by washouts. In some areas the main line has been occupied by squatters. That's the bad news. The good news is that the railway will be running again between Guatemala City and the Atlantic by the end of 1998. Railroad Development Corporation (RDC) of the USA was granted the 50 year concession to restore and operate the railroad, and work on the locomotives and track began May 1998. The base plan is to restore 7 of the 10 MX620's to service, as well as 5 or so of the U10's, in order to run 1 to 2 trains per day on the Atlantic corridor. Additional locos and line segments will be restored as traffic warrants. FEGUA also has a number of Baldwin 2-8-2's, and RDC's plan is to continue FEGUA's tradition of catering to the steam tourism market. For futher details, check out "Rail Business Report", 1998 edition, for the article "Last Stand for Rail in Central America" by RDC Chairman Henry Posner III. This is an annual supplement to the UK publication "Railway Gazette International".

The current status of the Ferrovias Guatemala system is covered in depth in the July 2002 issue of Trains magazine. Ferrovias Guatemala is the successor to FEGUA.

{short description of image} Ferrovias Guatemala's restored 1006 and 1009 at Guatemala City.

Railroad Development Corporation photo

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