Genesee Valley Transportation

The GVT is located in the Scranton PA area, the Utica NY area, Carthage NY and the Buffalo NY area. All in all, about 300 miles of rail lines. Their operations are the below listed:

MAN 804 Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern 804 (ALCo C-425, ex BCR, nee E-L) and 805 (same heritage), still in the two-tone green of the British Columbia Railway, near New Falls, NY, 1991.

Rolf Stumpf collection

Here's the roster as of July 1997 (Thanks to Michael Thomas of GVT):

No. Model Remarks
5 S-1 ex Alco Plant switcher. Leased, will be off property shortly.
351 RS-11 At W&W Gore, Va. To move this summer.
311 C-420 ex LV Imminent move to Scranton
408 C-420 ex LV 408 Leased. (MHWA)
426 Winton SC ex Bethlehem Steel 109, nee DL&W 426 (DL)
645 M-420 ex BC Rail 645, delivered to Lockport May 18, 1997 (FRRR)
804 C-425 ex BC 804, nee EL 2454 (MHWA)
805 C-425 ex BC 805, nee EL 2455
806 C-425 ex BC 806, nee EL 2456
1801 RS-18 ex R&S, nee CN
1802 RS-11 ex W&W 863, nee NKP 863
1804 RS-11 ex CV 3604
1947 44ton L&BR
1950 44ton L&BR
1951 44ton ex Skaneateles Short Line
2452 C-425 ex BC Rail 802, nee EL 2452 (DL) (P)
2453 C-425 ex BC Rail 803, nee EL 2453 (MHWA) (P)
2461 C-425 ex BC Rail 811, nee EL 2461 (DL) (P)
3600 RS-11 ex CV 3600 (shopped Scranton for repairs and paint, to be 1800)

3603 RS-11 ex CV 3603 (At Depew NY out of service)
4743 M-636 ex CP 4743
5019 RS-36 ex D&H 5019 (DL)(P) Owned by Southwind Rail Travel.

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