GE-ALCo power in Indonesia

General Electric (International General Electric, to be exact) built the class CC200 (odd axle arrangement C-2-C) in 1953, it's fitted with an ALCo 12V244E prime mover. Altogether 27 units were built by GE for service on the 1067 mm net, 16 arrived in 1953 and the other 11 arrived in 1954. Due to difficulties in obtaining spare parts, in 1962, only 21 were in operation, and by the following year, only 15 were left. Probably the others were cannibalized.

Technical data:

rated power 1600 hp
max. tractive effort 21.623 kg
max speed 99.68 km/h
length 17.070 mm
wheel diameter 908 mm
total weight 96 tons

Indra Krishnamurti, Feb 9th, 2003: CC200 15 has been repainted in its original cream-and-green scheme. It is to make a test run soon. However, its Westinghouse brake equipment is still missing (though hopefully it will soon be reinstated). Cosmetically, the loco has wipers and horns from a CC201. It also still lacks the etched-glass number on its sides.
Photos of the locomotive can be seen in
About the other locos, CC200 08 has broken its cylinder liners in Feb 2000, and the depot staff is now trying to repair it. The damage resulted from running at 90 km/h with an express train which locomotive had broken down from Jatibarang to Cirebon (a distance of ca. 40 km). Still, it shows what an almost 50 year old loco can do when required!
CC200 09 has been cannibalized for CC20015. It is in poor condition, its innards are gone, and probably will never run again. We wish that the loco will be sent to the railway museum.

Tjeng Chiao, March 24th, 2002:
We are trying to save at least one of the Alco GE CC200 class out of three in Cirebon, and we formed a drive called Friends of CC200, for the moment we are gathering lots of signatures, and looking at ways to get funds!
The coordinator for Friends of CC200 is Widoyoko e-mail:

CC20015 in the Cirebon depot, the photo was taken from aboard the Argo Lawu express sometime after Sept. 1996.

Mikhail Krishnamurti photo
CC20022 was photographed sometime in 1969/70 in Pajang near Solo.

Mikhail Krishnamurti photo
This is a small home-built shunter, constructed around a middle carrying truck of a class CC200. It was probably taken in Surabaya Gubeng wagon works.
It sure isn't ALCo-powered...

Lie Tjeng Chiao photo

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