ALCos of the Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern (historic)

Remember the "ALCos on a Tabletop" story in Trains Magazine...? (10/97)
Here's some smoke creeping over the tabletop, 308+324 are pulling
while 315 and 312 push hard in the rear to keep the 50+ loaded hoppers on the move.
315 works obviously its guts out. Near Montmorenci IN, June 17th, 1999
Rolf Stumpf photo

The KB&S still operates from Iroquois Jct., here are the shops (and the nearby junkyard...), but no longer with ALCo power. In spring 2004 the ALCo fleet was replaced by EMDs. As of Sept 5, 2004 the units 308, 312 and 321 remained on the property. The 312 carries VILX reportings marks, see roster below.
Additional info about the time when ALCo ruled find in the mentioned Trains story as well as in September 98 RailNews.

St Anne diamond 308 and 324 return with a respectable train from Kankakee. After two hotshots banged over the UP diamond at St. Anne IL, the KBS train can resume its journey to Iroquois Jct. June 16th, 1999.
What a difference a professional scan can make. This is the original drum scan for the CD cover of "Diesel Rarities".

Rolf Stumpf photo

Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern's ALCo Roster (historic)

# MODEL HP heritage NOTES
301 RS-11 1800 ex N&W 2569, exx NKP 569 scrapped March 2004
308 RS-20 2000 ex GBW 308 rebuilt with 251 engine, lowered short hood
309 RS-11u 2000 ex GBW 309 scrapped March 2004
312 RS-11 1800 ex N&W 312 sold to VILX Inc.
315 C-420 2000 ex L&N 1310 sold to VILX Inc.
318 RS-11 1800 ex BN 4139, exx NP 913 scrapped March 2004
321 RS-11 1800 ex N&W 321
324 RS-11 1800 ex Missippi Central 1100, new SP 5870 sold to VILX Inc.
(340) RS-11 0 ex TP&W 340 converted to snowplow, cab removed
ex Norfolk & Western RS-11 312 kept its last number. Incidentally the blue paint deteriorates just at the old N&W nose emblem. Iroquois Jct., June 16th, 1999.

Rolf Stumpf photo
KBS 312
C-420 no. 315 at Iroquois Jct., June 16th, 1999
Rolf Stumpf photo
KBS 315
Earl park 308 and 324 team up at the point of a grain train to Lafayette through Earl Park IN, June 17th, 1999. The rear end helpers are seen below.

Rolf Stumpf photo
Just look what's pouring out of 315's narrow stack! 312 is much cleaner.

Rolf Stumpf photo
I've included this hulk in the roster as it's still looking like kind of a locomotive. Ex Toledo, Peoria & Western (which connects with the KB&S at Sheldon just south of Iroquois) RS-11 no. 340 waits at Beaverville for the next plowing season. June 16th, 1999.

Rolf Stumpf photo
KBS snowplow This view of the plow was taken on 5 Sept 2004. The plow was sitting on a siding just west of St. Charles St. in Beaverville.

Raymond D. Miller Jr. photo

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