MLWs of Kenya

Kenya's MLW MX626 of 1971 is not the most handsome design with its "african cab". Similar units were built for the Railway of Malawi. The railway network of Kenya is metergauge, obviously of European colonial ancestry. The MX626's were delivered as class 92 to the East African Railways which were reorganized after severe financial problems. In January 1976 the Kenya Railways were born. The other two succesors of the EAR were the Tanzania Railways and the Uganda Railways. However all 15 MLW units are now rostered by the KR. By the way, their old EAR livery was a dark green with a broad yellow stripe - where today are the country colors placed.

Portrait of KR 9213.

Tony Coggan photo
KR 9201, the first of the series, with a passenger train.

Tony Coggan photo

Some technical data:

wheel arrangement 1Co-Co1
rated power 2550 hp
continous trative effort 43500 lbs / 19730 kg at 16.5 mph / 26.4 km/h
max. speed 45 mph / 72 km/h
total weight 114 tons
overall length 59' 1 1/4 " (18015 mm)
engine / transmission ALCo 12-251F / GE

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