ALCo RS-8 in South Korea

The odd hood shape indicates that this RS-8 bears a EMD prime mover. 3202 at Tae-Jon, Sept. 25th, 1994.

Sheldon Perry photo

The Korean National Railways acquired 49 ALCo RS-8's which were shipped between Sept. and Dec. 1966 from Schenectady NY. The class 3100 is used in freight service mostly in the northern region (that's where they were seen in the recent years). The black and orange color scheme the units are wearing are the freight system colors.
Most if not all units were repowered with EMD prime movers however and renumbered in the 3200's. Note that renumbering followed not the order of the former 3100's numbers. The rebuilt RS-8's can be easily identified by the sound (of course) and the hump on the long hood.

Thanks go to Sheldon Perry.

Builder's typecode: RS-8
Introduced: 1966
Builder: ALCo
Builder's nos.: 3469-01 through -49
Number built: 49
Weight, total: 71.5 t
Wheel arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Wheel diameter: 914 mm
Length over buffers: 14650 mm
Diesel engine/zylinders: ALCo 6-251B / EMD 8-V-645E
Rating: 950 / 1000 HP
Transmission: GE

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