Ferrocarril de Langreo en Asturias

1604 with a train of flat cars loaded with rails and sleepers enroute to Gijón, Noreña-El Berrón station in1980.

Javier Fernandez photo
The same train with a different view of the grimy 1604.

Javier Fernandez photo

From 1964 into the 80s the Ferrocarril de Langreo in the northwest of Spain rostered five standard gauge RS3's, numbered 1600 through 1604. 1600 - 1603 came secondhand from the Terminal Railroad Asscociation (TRRA) of St. Louis, Missouri. The fifth unit, the FC de L. no. 1604, came in 1971 from the Burlington Northern RR, USA. (it's actually a unit from Great Northern, a railroad involved in the 1970 merger of the Burlington Northern RR). The Alcos were used mostly for coal trains between the connected mines and Gijon. Rarely they were used in passenger duties from Gijón to Laviana, often with old (1880 to 1925 vintage) two axle wooden coaches. Traveltime (of the faster trains) for the 55 kms was two hours due to the weary tracks.
With the track reworking and regauging to meter gauge between 1983 and 84 the ALCos became obsolete and were scrapped finally. With them were ten ex New Haven Mack railbusses by the way (no. 203 preserved at the Museo del Ferrocarril de Asturias (Asturias Railroad Museum) in Gijón. The ALCos were painted in a classy dark green with metallic stripes.

Thanks to Barton Jennings and Javier Fernandez.

{short description of image} 1601 with coal empties at Noreña-El Berrón, 1980. Note the different trucks: roller bearing equipped at the front, while the rear truck has friction berarings!

Javier Fernandez photo

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