MLWs in Serbia (former Yugoslavia)

Montreal Locomotive Works delivered 20 export M-liners MX-626 in 1972 to the Yugoslavian State Railways (JZ). They were used on the line Beograd - Bar exclusively until around 1987. After the Yugoslavian war the class 665 remained with Serbia. Only three units were scrapped so far, the remaining 17 MLWs are all but stored! Phil Wormald saw 665-001, 002, 004, 005 and 011 stored in Podgorica on Sept 13th, 1990, all in poor condition. Zoran Veresic noted at Makis, a station near Beograd, 665-008, 009, 012, 014, 016, 017, 020; all stored.

Thanks to Zoran Veresic for the much appreciated regular info update.

December 23rd, 1998 sighting in "MIN" Nis: 665-003, 006, 007, 013, & 018. Now we've got all numbers...!

JZ 665-014 stored at Beograd Makis, June 1998

Zoran Veresic Photo

Some biodata of 665-017, which is stored at Beograd Makis:
the MX-626 arrived at Jugoslavia on 21.08.72, first run was done on 01.09.1972, the unit was technically accepted by JZ a day later on 02.09.1972. Last workings of the unit in August 1987.

A class 665 stored at Beograd Makis, June 1998

Zoran Veresic Photo

Pictures of a December 23rd, 1998 visit of "MIN" Nis:

665 003

Zoran Veresic photo

665 013

Zoran Veresic photo

665 018 and a class mate to the right

Zoran Veresic photo

JZ 665-002 before delivery, without side buffers and coupler. The trucks are trimount six-motor trucks, unusual for an MLW of the 70s. In the high short hood is a steam generator located.

Taken from Jane's World Railways 1973/74.
Builder's typecode: MX-626
Introduced: 1972
Builder: MLW, Canada
Builder's nos.:
Number built: 20
Weight, total: 127 t
Wheel arrangement: Co'Co'
Wheel diameter: 1016 mm
Length over buffers: 16612 mm / 54ft 6in
Diesel engine/zylinders: ALCo 251
Rating: 2750 HP
Continuous tractive effort: 32770 kg / 72240 lbs
Transmission: GE

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