ALCos and MLWs of the New York & Lake Erie Railroad

The New York & Lake Erie Railroad operates from Gowanda, NY freight and excursion trains. In 2003 no excursions were run however. Its lines run from Buffalo to Conewango Valley and from Dayton to Cattaraugus. The NY&LE is also involved with the Canadian operations of the Port Colborne Harbour Railway (PCHR) in Port Colborne, Ontario and the Kelowna Pacific Railway in Vernon, British Columbia. Two former VIA FPA-4 are available for the excursions. The enginehouse at Gowanda only holds one unit at a time and it seems that the working engine is kept there. In late September 2003 this was 1013, a high nose C-425. PCHR 6101 was sitting in front of the shed.

New York & Lake Erie 6764, a former VIA unit, in front of the shed at Gowanda, NY, December 1997.

Nick Chase photo
New York & Lake Erie 1013 (C-425) not only has a high short hood, it's also set up for running long hood forward.On October 1st, 2003 the unit left Gowanda with a single car for Cattaraugus.

Rolf Stumpf photo

Pictorial: A gentle chase of the 1013 on the Cattaraugus line
NYLE 1013
NYLE 76 + 78 S-2 no. 76 and S-4 no. 78 are stored at Gowanda, October 1st, 2003.

Rolf Stumpf photo
Ex-Conrail 5067 (C-425) apparently serves as a parts source for the two other C-425. Gowanda, October 1st, 2003.

Rolf Stumpf photo
CR 5067
NYLE FPA-4 FPA-4 6764 and 6758 at Gowanda, October 1st, 2003.

Rolf Stumpf photo

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