ALCos in Pakistan

Pakistan Railway class ARP20 #2082 with a freight in Nawabshah, Pakistan. January, 28th, 1994.

Jörg M. Seifert photo.

The above shown locomotive is a rebuilt FA with RSC-trucks. Previously belonging to the class ALP14 all 23 A1A-A1A FA's belong after a repowering done in the period from 1976 to 1980 to the class ARP20, the number representing the horsepower divided by 100. 'R' means 'rebuilt'.
Pakistan Railways has a wealth of ALCo export designs, also DL500's and 950, 1200 and 2400 HP hood units, but all cab units were rebuilt since delivery.

The DL500s are still in regular use on the Bostan - Quetta line as of Feb 99.

PR's # 2025 idles in Karachi, 30th December 1980. The unit was rebuilt two years later to # 2099, with a power increase of 400 HP to a rating 2000 HP.

Larry G. Russell photo

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