ALCos of Panama

Panama RSC 901 (RSC-3) Patio de Balboa, January 1993.

Joseph W. Wessel photo

The broadgauge Panama Railroad owned three ALCo RSC-3s numbered 901 through 903 for service on it's short line (47 miles in 1978). 901 is still operable, seen below with the sunday-only excursion from Balboa to Summit. # 902 is reported sitting out of service at the Patio de Balboa roundhouse. 903 was sold after the Panama Railroad was turned over to the Republic of Panama from the owner Panama Canal Company.

Joseph Wessel (Apr 4 99): The news is not good for Panama's last broad gauge Alco. Since Kansas City Southern Industries took over the operating contract for the operation of the railroad. Plans are to narrow the gauge to standard gauge and double track it from end to end. The 901 has been used to run clean up trains and is said to be in sorry shape. Hopefully at least it should be displayed after its service is done.

Joe Wessel passed me this link: The photos document the scrapping of 901 and other equipment!

Panama RSC Sharp looking #901 (RSC) with a special train at Balboa, May 1994.

Joseph W. Wessel photo

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