ALCos + MLWs of the Roberval & Saguenay Railway

The R & S was formerly one of the smaller strongholds of ALCos and MLWs, they employed until recently RS-18, M420TR and C-420.

From my visit in September 98 I only can confirm the storage of all ALCo-powered locomotives of the R & S. Active were only the Super7's and the AMF GP38's. Most disappointing was the fact that the R&S resides in the Alcan plant in Arvida, a suburb of Jonquière, and so all units are fenced up! I had bad luck being around at a weekend with little train action... Even at La Baie the units were behind the fence of the Alcan plant. Really annoying.

As of May 00, the former R&S units are with the scrap dealer Benoit Girard Metal Inc. at Jonquière and for sale. Some units are already cannibalized. The dealer said he has several inquiries but no unit sold so far.

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Last update 14.10.98