Using the keyword search

This device covers only the ALCoWorld website! You might try for searches within the entire web.

Specifications, like DL500, are normally used without a dash (DL-500). But it could happen that you get additional hits by trying it with a dash as well. Blanks aren't used at all.
Just the other way with model numbers, like C-636, here's a dash common on this page. However, as I frequently use texts and news from different sources there are model numbers without the dash. So, my advice is using just the plain number to get all the referring info that's available on ALCoWorld.

At last: it's no good idea to include the word "Alco" in your search. This will list you every page of ALCoWorld! Same with "trains" or "locomotives", it's all about trains and locomotives here, isn't it? Seems to me just like asking a bartender if he has something to drink.

Have fun digging!

Last update 30.07.02