Silverton Tramway

The Silverton Tramway shunts with its Australian ALCo fleet the ore sidings at Broken Hill and leases units to other concerns. Silverton used to operate a line connecting the NSW Railways at Broken Hill to the South Australian Railways but this closed when the South Australian line was standard gauged and extended into the Hill.

Currently there's a fleet of 10 x DL531's and 6 x DL 500g's. Four more DL 531's are in varying stages of cannibalisation.

The Silverton roster of July 1997 (given by Brad Peadon):

unit no. remarks/former no.
442s1 ex NSWGR 44220
442s2 ex NSWGR 44217
442s3 ex NSWGR 44203
442s4 ex NSWGR 44204
ST30 ex SAR (AN) 864
ST31 ex SAR (AN) 857
ST32 ex NSWGR 4825
ST33 ex NSWGR 4829
ST34 ex NSWGR 4815
ST35 ex NSWGR 4843
ST36 ex NSWGR 4811
ST37 ex NSWGR 4838

Notes: ST 27 was sold to South Australian Railway becoming # 874. Later acquired SAR 857, 864, 856 and 862. The last two of them were since retired.

One of the original Silverton units poses in Broken Hill, Sept. 1st, 1986.

Colin Gray photo


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