ALCo Engine Sounds

I am into professional sound recordings being a CD producer. For the recordings I use a sophisticated gear surrounding a portable DAT deck.

Audio CDs

Currently there are five premium quality audio CDs featuring the lovely sounds of ALCo engines. By clicking on any of the CD covers you'll get to my site, where you can find out more about my products and download some sounds from each CD and more. You can order these CDs from me or from my distributors (Europe: EK-Verlag, Steam Powered Video; USA/CDN: The Railroad Press; Australia: Series 567 Video.

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All recordings presented on ALCoWorld are mp3-files. To download a small freeware mp3-player for Win9x click here (119 k). The player is compressed using the zip format. File size in brackets.


Hudson Bay 3555 flat humping at The Pas, Manitoba (491 k, processed to mono)


SNCFT DP-152 (BBD MXS-624, 12-251F) leaving Ghardimaou, Jan 02 (1.5 MB, 3:12 min, mono)

OSE A-452 (MLW MX627, 12-251F) leaving Amfiklia with train 502, Jan 98 (721 k, stereo)

OSE A-9101 (ALCo DL537, 6-251D) leaving Platanos with train 302, Jan 98 (746 k, stereo)

Want more Greece?

Idle moments (stereo)

Short clips displaying the differences between the engine types.


Trillium Railway 110 (76 k) 6-251C, MLW S13, ex CN 110, engine access doors open

Tunisia DK 83 (79 k) 6-251(E?), BBD DL536B, 1500 hp


Ontario Southland 183 (130 k) 12-251B, MLW RS18, recorded inside cab

Hudson Bay 3530 (90 k) 12-251C, MLW M420W, ex CN 3530

Kankakee Beaverville & Southern 308 (119 k) RS3 (with RS11 324), 308 is repowered with a 12-251C @ 2000 hp, ex GBW

OSE A-451 (86 k) 12-251F, MLW MX627


Hudson Bay 604 (91 k) 16-251B, ALCo C424, ex Belt Railway of Chicago

Trillium Railway 6101 (82 k) 16-251C, ALCo C425

VIA Rail 6921 (78 k) 16-251F, BBD LRC-2


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