ALCos of the Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad

The Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad is known among enthusiasts as one of THE strongholds of ancient ALCo switchers. There are still six units on the property.

With the arrival of SW1200 no. 9319 the ALCos of the ST&E have to take the back seat. Only two are left operational, 564 and 505, the rest is retired. At present (Sept. 02) the 560 is the next to join the other retired units with its repair considered being too expensive. The switch job, usually beginning at 4 pm, at Stockton is done by the EMD now and only in case of a derailment or other ailments one of the two ALCo switchers finishes the shift, with the 1000 hp #564 being preferred over the weaker S1. The way to the enginehouse: Stockton, US 99, exit Fremont street (eastern direction), left onto Shaw Rd. Both Alcos are fired up during a daily check-up routine.

Former ST&E 506 (S1) can be found in unrefurbished condition at the Portola RR museum.

ST&E enginehouse The modern enginehouse at Stockton is this afternoon view from September 19, 2002. To the left is the SW1200, in the center is 564, behind is 505. To the right is the track with the retired units.

Rolf Stumpf photo

ST&E roster (active+retired on the property)

(September 2002)
505 S1 660
507 S1 660 retired
557 S2 1000 retired
560 S2 1000 retired
564 S4 1000
745 S2 1000 ex Tidewater Southern, cannibalized
ST&E 564 S4 #564 is the first choice if the EMD fails, Stockton, September 19th, 2002.

Rolf Stumpf photo

564 at idle (stereo mp3 @ 629 k, 39 sec)
S2 #560 in the ST&E shops - which it left without repair. Stockton, September 19th, 2002.

Rolf Stumpf photo
ST&E 560

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