SNCFT's DI class

DI-55 SNCFT DI-55 at Gafsa depot on October 19th, 1994.
Heinz Sigrist photo, Stumpf Collection

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SNCFT bought 22 MX620 in 1971 which were divided in 16 narrow gauge (1000 mm, DI-51 through -66) and 6 standard gauge units (DI-67 through -72). The narrow gauge units mainly work freights in the south of Tunisia but can occasionally replace other classes on passenger trains, today that's a rare occurrence - infact almost impossible except for the stretch between Sfax and Metlaoui where DP and DN (GE U22C) classes hold down the passenger assignments.
The standard gauge DI's are equipped with electric train heating for passenger trains, among them were the express trains from Tunis to Ghardimaou which are currently usually powered by the DP or DO classes. Their main occupation is now freight as on the narrow gauge lines.

DI-52 Metlaoui Narrow gauge DI-52 at Metlaoui, January 3rd, 2002.

Rolf Stumpf photo

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