SNCFT's DK class

DK 89 SNCFT DK-89 at Gafsa depot, October 19th, 1994. The better looking end...
Heinz Sigrist photo, Stumpf Collection

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The DK class is otherwise known as DL536B, odd looking with an MXS-type cab on one end. The twenty 1350HP (6-251 engine) units are all narrow gauge except DK-85 which is currently standard gauge. Most of them work the push pull trains between Tunis and Borj Cedria and sometimes on passenger trains to Kalaa Khasba and between Monastir and Mahdia. The Red Lizard trains from Metlaoui in to the Seldja canyon are now worked by the DM class (GE U10B).

The suburban trains between Tunis and Borj Cedria run every 20 minutes each direction, sometimes during the day on a tighter schedule. It's a highly enjoyable class and so easy to get. A "can't miss" in Tunisia! The 1st class is always at the locomotive end so it's a good advice to ride 1st class. The "carte bleue" for comfort class is a most inexpensive way to travel Tunisia's interesting trains. The Borj Cedria trains are pushed back to Tunis, loco always faces southwards. Real scenic highlights are dear along the suburban line except around Sidi Rezig where a little hiking takes you into the flatlands with an overpass of an industrial spur over the mainline.

DK at Sidi Rezig DK-83 - in shiny ex-works condition - pushes a suburban train through Sidi Rezig enroute to Tunis ville, January 2nd, 2002.

Rolf Stumpf photo

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