ALCos and MLWs in Venezuela

Ferrocarriles del Estado

The Ferrocarriles del Estado has two standard gauge M420's, road numbers M-001 and M-002 (b/n M-6097 01-02), completed in August 1976.

Marc Simpson reports:

Matanzas, Sidor plant (July 25, 99): Sidor has 19 locomotives, of which 8-9 are in service. The majority are small GE switchers, with 6 Alco S series switchers being the big engines in the plant.
The locomotives are numbered in sequence as they were purchased, with 1 being first (a GE 44 tonner) and 19 being the last purchased in the early 1960's (Alco S-6?-no builders plates on any of the locomotives I saw). I saw about 10 of the 19 engines, several from a distance due to the size of the plant. All the Alcos are active, with two currently being rebuilt in the shops. These locomotives were re-engined with British made V-12 660 hp engines about 12-13 years ago. The original Alco prime movers were totally worn out when they were replaced. The locomotive and car shop is well equipped, and should be capable of maintaining the fleet in good condition.

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