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Santa Fe doublestack at Cajon Summit (lead unit Wabonnet 8-40BW)

Santa Fe steel coil unit train, Tehachapi Loop (lead unit Warbonnet 8-40BW)

Santa Fe doublestack, Tehachapi Loop, tnl 10 (lead unit Warbonnet 9-44CW)

Amtrak northbound "Coast Starlight", Gaviota Trestle, "Pepsi Cans" (P32-8BWH)

BC Rail southbound sulphur train, Niarn Falls, Draper Taper 8-40C

CN westbound grain train, Jasper Ntl. Park, Draper Taper 8-40CM

BNSF eastbound hotshot in the Kaibab Forest near Williams AZ (Warbonnet 8-40CW)

Amtrak train #3 "Desert Wind" with Genesis and two "Pepsi Cans", San Bernardino, CA (lead unit BNSF Warbonnet 9-44CW)

BNSF 9-44CW "pumpkins" near Glacier Park, Montana

CP coal empties near Sicamous B.C. (AC4400CW)

ATSF business train at Cajon Summit (8-40CW)

BNSF Colorado river crossing at Topock AZ, westbound manifest (9-44CW, 8-41CW)

UP double stack through the fortress of Summit, Cajon Pass (8-40CW)

Santa Fe Warbonnets (8-41CW, 9-44CW, 8-40CW) in the Mojave desert (Essex) (8-40CW)

UP manifest, Cajon Pass "Sullivan's Curve" (8-40C)

CNW (UP) manifest, Cajon Junction (9-44CW)

BNSF manifest, Cajon Pass Summit/Summit road (Warbonnet 9-44CW)

CN grain, Winnipeg Symington yard (Draper Taper 8-40CM)


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