West Coast Railway Heritage Park

pge 561 BC Rail, also known as Pacific Great Eastern until 1971, received RSC-3 #561 as it's first diesel in 1951. The unit is preserved by the West Coast Museum at Squamish BC and is operational.
Larry G. Russell photo (1994)
Two ALCo switchers - ex Vancouver Wharves #28 and #23 in September 1994. No. 28 has left the property since (sold for scrap in 1997).

Rolf Stumpf photo
VW 28+23

road no. model notes
182 ALCo RS1 1990 ex Proctor & Gamble
561 ALCo RSC3 1986 ex BC Rail
4087 ALCo RS3 1993 ex Fletcher Challenge
6503 MLW S3 ex United Grain Growers
8019 MLW S4 1987 ex Vancouver Wharves #23

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