ALCo Diesel Locomotive Specification and Model Numbers

---- Road Freight Cabs and Boosters ----

Spec #         Model #                           Notes

------         ------- ---------------------------------------------------------------

DL200                  Preliminary design; superseded by DL202-1

DL201                  Preliminary design; superseded by DL203-1

DL202-1                Twin-Bank 539 Road-Freight Cab (Original Black Mariah)

DL202-2                241-powered Road-Freight Cab (Black Mariah "As-Built")

DL203-1                Twin-Bank 539 Road-Freight Booster (Original Black Mariah)

DL203-2                241-powered Road-Freight Booster (Black Mariah "As-Built")

DL204          FA      Original post-WWII GM&O FA units

DL205          FB      Original post-WWII GM&O FB units

DL206          FA

DL207          FB

DL208          FA1

DL208A         FA1

DL208B         FA1

DL208C         FA1

DL209          FB1

DL209A         FB1

DL209B         FB1

DL209C         FB1

DL210          FA2     Superseded by DL212 prior to production

DL211          FB2     Superseded by DL213 prior to production

DL212          FA2

DL212A         FA2

DL212A         FPA2

DL212B         FA3     Redesignated FA4 prior to production

DL212B         FPA3    Redesignated FPA4 prior to production

DL213          FB2

DL213A         FB2

DL213A         FPB2

DL213B         FB3     Redesignated FB4 prior to production

DL213B         FPB3    Redesignated FPB4 prior to production

DL218          FA4     Built by MLW only

DL218          FPA4    Built by MLW only

DL219          FB4     Built by MLW only

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