ALCo Diesel Locomotive Specification and Model Numbers

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---- INDEX ----

This is the index to a sectionalized catalogue of known ALCo Diesel Locomotive Specification Numbers. As applicable, each part includes the corresponding model numbers that were assigned (some de facto) to these locomotives by the American Locomotive Company, the Montreal Locomotive Works and/or their manufacturing affiliates, licensees and successors. The eight catalogue sections are:

With limited exception, the indexing arrangement follows the general class-of-service categories established by Jerry A. Pinkepank for use in the Diesel Spotters Guide series published by Kalmbach. However, the specific information presented here is drawn entirely from original Company records now among the holdings of The ALCo Collections, with each entry verified through a minimum of three separate sources in those records. As a result, you should expect conflicts with data previously published by Pinkepank, other railfan publications and various industry trade publications.

Each category may also include links to other web pages where roster-view photographs and/or other model-specific information can be found. These cross-reference pages are not maintained by The ALCo Collections, and The ALCo Collections assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the historical or technical data presented therein. Users are also advised that specific copyright restrictions may apply to these cross-reference pages and/or their content.

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