ALCo Diesel Locomotive Specification and Model Numbers

---- Road Passenger Cabs and Boosters ----

Spec #         Model #                           Notes

------         ------- ---------------------------------------------------------------

M429LRC        LRC A   BBD-MLW Prototype.

M437LRC        LRC B   Built by BBD-MLW for VIA Rail (Canada) and Amtrak (US).

DL103                  CRI&P 624, released against Spec DL103b, was sole example.







DL300          PA      ATSF 51, 52, 63 and 64 only.

DL301          PB      ATSF 51A and 52A only.

DL302          PA      Superseded by DL304 prior to production.

DL303          PB      Superseded by DL305 prior to production.

DL304          PA1

DL304A         PA1

DL304B         PA1

DL304C         PA2

DL304D         PA2     includes the 3 broadgauge units for Brazil

DL304E         PA3

DL305          PB1

DL305A         PB1

DL305B         PB1

DL305C         PB2

DL305D         PB2

DL305E         PB3

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