ALCo Diesel Locomotive Specification and Model Numbers

---- Road Switchers and Transfer Units [1500hp to 2000hp] ----

Spec #         Model #                           Notes

------         ------- ---------------------------------------------------------------

DL415          C415    

DL721A         C420

DL722A         C620   never built

M420           M420

M420B          M420B   Cabless M420 booster.

M420R          M420R   

M420TR         M420TR

M420TR2        M420TR2

E1660          RS2     Preliminary design; superseded in production by E1661

E1661          RS2

E1661          RSC2

E1661A         RS2

E1661A         RSC2

E1661B         RS2

E1661B         RSC2

E1661C         RS2

E1661C         RSC2

E1662          RS3

E1662          RSC3

E1662A         RS3

E1662A         RSC3

E1662B         RS3

E1662B         RSC3

E1663          RSD4

E1663A         RSD4

E1663B         RSD4

E1664          RSD5

E1664A         RSD5

E1664B         RSD5

E1670          RSX4    Erroneously called MRS1 by some railfan sources. Also

                       erroneously identified as being ALCo locomotives, when, in

                       fact, these are GE locomotives built at ALCo-Schenectady

                       under a production subcontract. They do NOT carry ALCo or

                       ALCo-GE builder's plates; ALCo construction numbers were

                       were assigned for internal identification and accounting

                       purposes only. Not warranted or serviced by ALCo.

DL700          RS10

DL701          RS11

DL710          RS11

DL702          RSD12

DL703          RS14

DL718          RS18

E1671          RSX22   Proposed ALCo follow-on to GE RSX4; none built.   

DL701A         RS36

DL702          RSD38

DL702E         RSD38

DL721          RS32

DL722          RSD33

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