ALCo Diesel Locomotive Specification and Model Numbers

---- Road Switchers [> 2000hp] ----

Note: this list was reconstructed from an index list that I had received from John W. Nelsen. This list was later divided to the separate index lists.

Spec #         Model #                           Notes

------         ------- ---------------------------------------------------------------

DL428          C428   never built

DL430          C430   

DL624          C624   never built

DL624          RSD17  

DL628          C628

DL430          C430

DL630          C630

DL636          C636

DL640          RS27

DL640A         C424

DL640B         C425

DL855A         C855A

DL856A         C855B

M424           M424

M630           M630

M636           M636

M640           M640

HR412          n.s.

HR616          n.s.

Reconstructed from a list from 26 Nov 1995

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All rights reserved. 

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