GE shovelnoses of the Ferrocarrilos Argentinos

FA 7219 (General Mitre railway) enters Ludeña station in 1982.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez photo
A GE Shovelnose inside Retiro station in 1990. This unit was re-engined along with others during the 80s with 6-251D prime movers, which were manufactured by the Argentinean company Materfer under license of ALCo. 70 units were bought from 1950 on.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste photo
A pair of GE Shovelnoses (powered by ALCo 6-251D), headed by 6703 is coupled to a DMU. This is one of the last regular trains in 1991 to the Chilenan border in the Andean Cordillera, in the state of Mendoza. The original 244 engine of #6703 was replaced by a 251 at the beginning of the 80s.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste photo
Another duo of GEs in the fresh snow of the Andes, taken in the 1990.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste photo
6702 sits next to a diesel rail car. Apparently two members of the same era.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste photo (1990)

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