ALCos and MLWs in Argentina

This is a General Mitre DL500 at the Pan American Railway Exposition in B.A. in 1957. The large white sign on the side advertises Alco's local representative Juan Terrile. Looks like a Ganz shovel nose railcar at the left.
Thomas L. Anderson photo

Andrew Jones' report (Nov 24, 2000):

Locos in service, 802,804,810,813,815,816,817,818,819,820,822,823,826,829,830,831. 812 and 814 are in works at Taller Perez in Rosario. All except 831(FA red and yellow) are in TMS livery, 816,819 and 820 are in the original TMS colours the rest are in the new scheme. ALCO powered GAIA locos seen were 601 and 602 which were station pilots at Retiro San Martin.

RSD 39's seen, 651,652,653,654,655,656,657,659,660,661,662,663,664,666,668. RSD 16's both 8448 and 8488 were in use on the Retiro Mitre to Zarate services. GAIA loco's D603,607 and 605 were seen around Villa Ballester and Victoria, some times working passenger trains on the Zarate and Capilla de Senor lines.

RSD 16's 8456 and 8445 were both seen active on passenger trains, 8445 was working the Retiro San Martin to Iriarte train at weekends, it was a GT-22 in the week. 8456 was seen on the Lincoln - Once train on 19/11/00. No sign of the RSD 35, 6417.

I didn't record all the locos seen, but we did a car trip to Justo Daract depot on the Mendoza line and found 8402 and 8414 there, the shed forman said that there are 4 DL500C left in service. He also allowed us to drive 8402 around the shed yard on full power and it sounded superb with plenty of black smoke. He also told us that they tend only to work from there to Mendoza due to the lack of turning facilities further west, although they still occasionally go through.

Argentinan ALCo power review

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This picture of 8248 and 8230 was taken in Retíro. On February 26th the company FEMED, concessioner of the trains of the county of Córdoba, carried out a test trip between the city of Córdoba and Buenos Aires. FEMED will begin passenger service on that line on June 1st 1998. The company owns only these two Alco RSD-16 units.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste photo

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