Ferro Expreso Pampeano

Looking sharp in the new FEPSA coat, #8476 is seen here with sisters 8474 and 8473 at Ing. White, July 6th, 1996.

Carlos A. Sisto photo.

And so it looked as it was getting the livery of the new owner at the Spurr shops of the FEPSA.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste

8492 is leaving Spurr yard, a town in the south of the state of Buenos Aires. In the background one can see the shop buildings where the FEPSA carries out the general repairs of its locomotives.

Pedro Pablo Lacoste

Fepsa 6413 DL535 no. 6413, named "Ailín" at the Villa Diego workshop, October 16th, 2000.

Milan Dimitri photo

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