ALCos and MLWs in Peru

At the moment Peru still has lots of active ALCos. Recent news is always welcome. The DL500s seem to be gone.


Andrew Jones' report (Nov 24, 2000):

3 Foot gauge:
Active locos seen were 352, 353, 356, 482, 484. There are 4 passenger diagrams a day and one freight.
07:00 Cuz - MP, 15:55 MP - Cuz. Inka service.
07:30 Cuz - MP, 14:30 MP - Ollanta ,
16:18 Ollanta - MP , 17:?? MP - Ollanta.
07:45 Cuz - MP, 17:?? MP - Cuz. Local train, Peruvians only!
10:45 Ollanta - MP, 1640 MP - Cuz.
The 07:30 Cuz - MP and 16:40 MP - Cuz are the backpacker trains, the Ollanta trains are shown as Economic. The local train is shown in the Thomas Cook as going to Hidroelectrica, but I don't think it does. The freight loco acts as station pilot at Cuzco San Pedro in the morning then works a freight to MP around dinnertime, it probablt returns very late at night. They are in the process of building a new station 18 km's from Cuzco to avoid the switchbacks this should be completed very soon.
The photo, video and audio potential of these switchbacks are fantastic, one morning we climbed up to photograph the three departures, a very breathless climb, but well worth seeing the little ALCo's on full power at 10 KPH throwing out thick black smoke and flames, an amazing experience!!!! Loco's seen in the new Perurail blue were 653,482 and 353, the rest are still in ENAFER orange, usually with the ENAFER S.A. painted out.

Standard gauge:
Locos seen active, 653,654,659,660,555 and all 7 GM's. No DL535's seen at all. We didn't visit any sheds and you don't see locos stabled anywhere, they must lock all spare engines up.
As for the passenger services, it seems that when both the Cuzco and Arequipa to Puno trains run they are combined at Juliaca, this happened to us twice, the first time the Arequipa loco went forward, the second time 555, the station pilot, went forward.

DL500 #503 enters the wye on the Cuzco-Puno line, left is low-nose DL560 #654, a high-nose DL560 moves in the background. January 16th, 1988.

Daniel Osborne photo

Peru: Vintage DL500 shots

Peru's MLWs

ENAFER Tacna - Arica/Chile line

DL535B #352 shunts a tourist coach ("Turismo Inka") at Puno, L. Titicaca Docks, September 1998.

Ben Gannett photo
DL535B #352 at Puno, L. Titicaca Docks, September 1998.

Ben Gannett photo

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