Vintage shots of Peruvian DL500's

These photographs I'm very happy to present were taken by ALCo sales engineer Thomas L. Anderson in Peru in the year 1956. The six DL500's were the first diesels to come to Peru and were of the Ferrocarrile del Sur (Southern Railway) of Peru, then owned by the Peruvian Company of the UK. The first units were derated for altitude but later barometric governors were added to allow full output at lower altitudes. The DL500's were always run in pairs back to back and had dynamic braking.

A look onto the deck of the steam vessel "Santa Ines" at Matarami, 1956

Unit #500 is being unloaded from the "Santa Ines" at Matarani port. The steam ship could hold three units on the deck, trucks were separate from the units.

Unit 502 and a mate are outside the FCS main shop at Arequipa. The Volcano Misti is rising in the background.

A pair of DL500's with #502 in the lead are heading a train on the Altiplano near Puno and Lake Titicaca.

Thomas Anderson: DL500 on Southern Railway at Cruzero Alto at the highest point on this railway - 14,666 feet. We did high altitude tests on a siding here - instrumented a unit and used the dynamic brake resistors as a load box!

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