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April 2003: The various types of CFR ALCO powered locos, have been moved from various locations inc. Craiova and Rosiori de Vede to a scrap yard adjacent to Strehaia Station (between Craiova and Drobeta T.S) and cutting is underway. Most locomotives stored for many years will bite the dust either this month or by September at the latest and many depots have already sent or are preparing to send locomotives for scrap.
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Romanian builder Resita - quite famous for building narrow gauge steamers until the 80s - was licensed to produce the ALCo 251 type prime mover (hence as 251R model, R stands for "Resita") which was eventually used for 6 classes for the Romanian Railways (SNCFR), amounting - according to a Electroputere leaflet - to 58 units in total. Similar classes were sold to Greece and Iran. Except the class 64 all other units were built by Electroputere, Craiova.

class 61

Electroputere built only two locos in 1984 and 1985 with a 2600 HP 12-251R. They were based at Cluj Napoca during the recent years. Color: metallic turquiose for 61 0001 (was seen green in 1993), grey and green for 61 0002.

class 64

SNCFR 64 0004, factory shot

Class 64 was the last 251-powered type for the SNCFR. 14 units were built from which most are (or were) based at Oradea for light service due to their 1500 HP rating.

Builder: 23. August group
Period of manufacturing: 1981-1983
Gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Service: passenger , freight
Wheel arrangement: Co-Co
Weight: 100-108-126 tons
Installed Power: 1500 HP (1118 kW)
Diesel Engine Type: 6-251R
Train Electric Heating Installation

SNCFR 64 0001, factory shot
note the different carbody, similar to the German V160 family.
SNCFR 64 0007 with Mixt 3192 at Oradea, Oct 8th, 1992.

Ian Demaine photo

class 66/67

factory shot of 66 0001

23 units were built, the class 66 being the 115 km/h-freight version (silver and blue livery) and the 67 the 140 km/h fast passenger version (turquoise with yellow stripes, see below). Most if not all are reported being dumped as "strategic reserve" at Iasi, Cluj Napoca. 66 0004 was seen active in 1994.

Builder: Electroputere
Period of manufacturing: 1978-1983
Gauge: Standard (1435 mm) Service: main line
Wheel arrangement: Co-Co
Weight: 120 tons
Installed Power: 3000 HP (2208 kW)
Diesel Engine Type: 12-251R - ALCO

CFR 67 0001, dumped at Iasi, May 6th, 1991.

Ian Demaine photo

class 70/71

This class was built in 35 units between 1976 and 1981. There are two versions, a 115 km/h freight type (class 70) and a ETH equipped 140 km/h fast passenger version (class 71). HP rating is 4000 (16-251R).

SNCFR 70 0025, Marasesti, Sept. 13th, 1991.

Ian Demaine photo

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